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Local Outreach Program

Bringing the Wonders of Planarian Flatworms to Your Classroom.

Since 2015, we have offered K-12 instructors within  1 hour of Kalamazoo, Michigan, STEM practicums tailored to their individual needs and grade level. We will work with you to provide an enriching inquiry-driven, planarian-based experience to engage your students and (hopefully) pass along our passion for research and asking questions! Our practicums always center around hands-on activities and can cover a range of biological concepts, including: conservation of energy, sensing and interacting with the environment (such as phototaxis and chemotaxis), toxicology/ environmental pollution, and of course regeneration (including wound healing and stem cell proliferation). For older students, we can discuss the many STEM careers other than doctor or veterinarian (perhaps you'd like to be an astrobiologist at NASA). We are typically able to bring everything required for the practicum, including microscopes if needed. For instructors wishing to incorporate an optional 2 week unit covering regeneration, we can provide materials and supplies that enable instructors to complete the unit on their own after our initial visit.

For more information: contact us here.

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