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January 2022 - Article about Dr. Beane's Seminar at WMed and Partnership with the research group of Dr. Li, Chief of Biomedical Engineering at Stryker Medical School, Winter Biomedical Engineering in Regenerative Medicine Newsletter, WMed.


December 2021 - Article About the Q-BITE Program and our quantum biology research, the Arts & Sciences Magazine, WMU

December 2021 - Article About the Lab covering our Research Coordination (RCN) grant, our upcoming Q-BITE program, and Dr. Beane's Latva Teaching Excellence Award and Presidential Innovation Professorship Award, Department of Biological Sciences Newsletter, WMU

August 2021 - Bronco Spotlight Article about Alanna's Postdoctoral Fellowship at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, Career and Student Employment Services, WMU.

April 2021 - Presidential Innovation Professorship Award Article, WMU News, Western Michigan University.


June 2020 - A pair of Professional Development Videos about inquiry-based learning and CUREs, for which Dr. Beane was interviewed about her work on a HHMI Science Education for Undergraduates grant.


December 2019 - Article on our STEM Outreach at Gobles High School, Department of Biological Sciences Newsletter, WMU

February 2019 - This Week in Science highlight for BioPhysics about our Science Advances paper

Screen Shot 2019-07-15 at 12.53.11

January 2019 - Explainer Video about our research on the effects of weak magnetic fields on modifying stem cell activity (Science Advances)


January 2019 - article about our Science Advances paper


January 2019 - The Scientist magazine article about our Science Advances paper

The Scientist.jpg


February 2018 - Distinguished Faculty Research Award Video, Office of the Vice President of Research, WMU

Summer 2018 - University Successes Postcard Mailer, Office of Academic Affairs, WMU

2018 - Summer- OAA Successes Postcard 20


December 2017 - Article on our STEM Outreach to Schoolcraft and Gobles High Schools, Department of Biological Sciences Newsletter, WMU

October 2017 - NSF CAREER Award Article, WMU News, Western Michigan University


Summer 2017 - Rising Research Stars Article, W Magazine, Research Issue 2017, WMU


Summer 2017 - Article on Marwa's and Jake's JoVE article, W Magazine, Research Issue 2017, WMU

Marwa-JoVE video.jpg


2016-Gobles Outreach Article-March 2016-

December 2016 - Article on Marwa's Journey to University, Department of Biological Sciences Newsletter, WMU

March 2016 - Article on Beane Lab Pilot Outreach Program at Gobles High School, College of Arts and Sciences, WMU


December 2014 - Dr. Beane's New Faculty Bio, Department of Biological Sciences Newsletter, WMU 

June 2014 - Dr. Beane's New Faculty Bio for the College of Arts and Sciences, WMU

2014 BIOS Newsletter-Cover.jpg
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