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The Beane Lab places importance on increasing the ability of students at all educational levels to engage in inquiry-based, novel research. Whether you want us to come to you, or you prefer to download and work on your own, our outreach program is building a collection of resources to help instructors implement planarian-based research into their own classrooms. CLICK BELOW to access our downloadable materials & information.

Videos, images, and other extra helps for working with planarians. Useful for educators looking to get familiar with the system, and also as a potential pool of materials to show/handout to your classes. 

Do you live within the greater Kalamazoo, MI area and would like for us to come to your classroom with our STEM practicum? We offer educators within ~ 1 hour radius of WMU visits tailored to their curricula.

Look up planarian activities for the STEM classroom and you will find numerous regeneration (cut and grow) and feeding materials. But are you looking for different/more exciting ways to introduce your students to inquiry-based learning? Here we have created and curated complete lesson plans for multi-day student inquires, where the outcomes are NOT all known. You can use them as-is (plug-and-play) or modify them to your specific needs.

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